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It’s almost every homeowner’s dream to have a beautiful home with a customized in-ground swimming pool in their backyard. While an in-ground pool can be a pricey investment, the overall benefits are well worth the cost! An obvious advantage of having a customized swimming pool is the endless leisure and entertainment opportunities in those hot summer months. Many homeowners believe that owning a pool only benefits them socially when actually, an in-ground swimming pool provides many health and fitness benefits as well. At SRWF, we do everything from breaking ground and inserting lining, to decking and fencing around your custom in-ground pool. Call us today for a free estimate!

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Benefits of A Customized In-Ground Swimming Pool

What exactly are the benefits of owning an in-ground swimming pool? While the obvious physical and emotional benefits may be enough for some homeowners, many would like to know how a custom in-ground swimming pool would benefit their property versus grabbing any old above ground pool from a local store. Here are the top three benefits of why an in-ground pool in your backyard is a smart investment for your family home!


One of the major reasons why an in-ground pool is a pricey investment is due to their longevity. In-ground swimming pools are made of concrete and other durable materials in both the structure and lining that make it impossible to wear and tear, even after years of exposure to nature. An above-ground pool made of a flexible resin will only be made to last only about 7-10 years, whereas in-ground pools can last up to 20 years without having a single issue with the foundation. A durable in-ground on your property can guarantee to attract future buyers.


While many homeowners love the traditional rectangular shape of an in-ground pool, we know that our customers crave something more unique and custom to their family’s needs. Why settle for a standard pool design when you can create the backyard of your dreams? Our trained and professional contractors are here to bring your vision to life! Whether you’re looking for an in-ground pool that is kid-friendly or a relaxing retreat for you and your friends, SRWF is here to transform your outdoor space for a fair and reasonable price.

Added Value

One of the most important benefits of an in-ground swimming pool is the value it adds to not only your entire property but also your way of life! Our custom in-ground pools are perfect for teaching your children how to swim, providing exercise opportunities that benefit your overall health, and providing a remarkable entertainment space for weekend pool parties.

If you’re wanting to sell your home, a customized in-ground pool adds a luxury that most homeowners don’t get immediately when moving into their dream home. Investing in an in-ground pool adds thousands of dollars to the overall value of your home, allowing you to get a selling price that you deserve.

Additional In-Ground Swimming Pool Services

On top of providing professional excavating, designing, and installing services for your custom in-ground pool, we also offer St. Louis residents:

  • Customized Lining
  • Concrete Pool Decking
  • Brick Pool Decking
  • Stone Pool Decking

For more information on our additional pool services, call our shop today to speak with a friendly staff member!

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